Lifetime Analytics

If you noticed on the dashboard, there is a detailed overview of your profile’s performance for the last seven days. Including the percentage of your click conversions based on the number of visits to your profile.

What Counts As Views? 

 A view is every time your profile is viewed. But we only count a view 1 per I.P address per day. So if a visitor views your profile 1,000 times, it would only count as 1 for that day.

What Counts As Clicks? 

A click is every time your profile links are clicked. But we only again count a click 1 per I.P address per day per link. So if a visitor clicks the same link over and over again,it would only count as 1 click for that day.

How is the Click-Through Rate Is Calculated (CTR)? 

CTR is calculated by dividing the number of clicks by how many views your profile has received. So if you have received 1,000 clicks and 2,000 views, your CTR would be 50% (2000/1000x100).

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