Creating Your First Link

After creating and verifying your account, its time to create your first link!

To create your first link, follow the simple steps below:

  1. On your dashboard, click the Add New Link button.

  2. A new link will be added immediately under My Links section of your dashboard. Update the Link Title/Body, the description, and most importantly, the URL of the link to your own.

  3. Show your first link to the world by clicking the switch button on the right section of your link. The toggle indicator should switch to blue just like the image shown below.

  4. There is also a live preview of your profile can be shown on the right section of your dashboard

  5. To view your public profile, click the Copy button located on the upper-right section of your dashboard  or you can click the link of your public url.your public profileThis is how your public profile looks like when they visit your link.

Congratulations on creating your first link and we welcome you aboard!

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